Sunday, August 28, 2011

Exploding Tardis

Based on Doctor Who, season 5, episode 12, "The Pandorica Opens". Acrylic on canvas panel, 12x16", in "Tardis Blue Frame"

Update (3/13/2013): I'm doing a limited run of these. All will be handpainted in acrylic on canvas (panel or traditional stretched) Prices will range from $35-150; sizes from 12x16" canvas panel to 24x36" stretched canvas. Please email if you are interested or use the paypal button below.

Trust Me


  1. I'm trying to find a canvas print (not paper poster print)! Do you have any suggestions on where to buy one or commission one?

    1. i'm sorry this reply is coming to you nearly 7 months late. i only just now saw this. if you email me, i can work with you on a custom commission for this piece, if you're so inclined.